Make your own connection...

find inspiration in the smallest things

What happens when you sink your fingers into the soil?

Do you suddenly realize you've been in too big a hurry as the smells and sounds of the garden take you back - perhaps to a time when the pressures of your day-to-day life, and an uncertain world, did not infuse your every minute?  Perhaps to a memory of a special  person who inspired you to look at the world, and yourself, just a little bit differently?  Do you get the same feeling when you walk through the woods, the foothills, the desert or along a mountain stream?  Or perhaps you never have?  That's ok - make time for that journey soon!  Does your heart stir as you see the fireflies first alight on a warm summer evening, or when the cardinal's raucous song wakes you from a lucid dream?

Perhaps you're confined by concrete, asphalt and tall buiildings of glass and steel - maybe a career choice has moved you to the urban jungle rather than the gentle forest of your dreams. Or maybe you were born and raised in a world where the sounds of jackhammers, honking cabs or even gunfire make you fear that a complete collapse of your dreams could close in upon you at any moment - if you somehow do not escape...

Then GardenOpus is for you. You feel it, you breathe it, you dream it. You take simple joy in the care of a single potted plant or the glimpse into a stranger's garden - filled with plants, birds, butterflies and creatures you have yet to know. Whatever your age, level of experience, or surroundings - it's time to make your own connection. Please enjoy your visit and I'll do my best to add the kinds of inspired, and inspiring, content that will help make your journey a great one!

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